“My daughter was listening as I played your CDs and said, ‘Finally someone understands and gets me. I’m not the ONLY one!’ That is priceless to us as a family.”   ~ Karen Phillips, Annandale, VA


“I love that your ideas are out of the box–we can just implement them easily within minutes after hearing them. We finally feel like we have our son back thanks to your insights and passion for our kids.”  ~ Frank & Wendy A., Seattle, WA


“We have tried everything, and no doctor or therapist comes close to explaining how to help our kids in simple ways that work like you do. Thank God we can now Celebrate ADHD!”   ~ The Cromwell Family, Chicago, IL


Celebrate ADHD was inspired by our son, Casey, who struggled with an alphabet soup of labels. I soon discovered several key principles that made all the difference:


(1) The quickest way to change your child’s behavior is by first controlling your own. Instead of trying to control your child’s behavior, first control your anxiety about your child’s future.

(2) Proactively give your child practical tools to create successes and build confidence Instead of reacting by punishing a child when he fails (with consequences that don’t work).

(3) Instead of trying to change your child, accept your child as is. Stop trying to make your child learn the way YOU do. Stop trying to make your child care about what YOU care about. Stop trying to make your child be like you and release them to be who they are supposed to be (even though that makes you uncomfortable)

(4) Spend more time cultivating your child’s natural strengths than trying to fix all their weaknesses.

(5) Celebrate your child’s unique advantages instead of being defensive and apologizing for your child’s quirks and differences. Instead of making excuses for your child, believe they are capable of being wildly successful.

Because they are.

We know this because we opened out home to outcast kids who didn’t fit in. Over the course of a decade, we showed 1,500 kids of all ages and stripes how to control their anxiety, impulses, and emotions while building their confidence.

I dedicated two full years volunteering in classrooms across the country so that we could marry cutting-edge research and brain science with practical strategies that work in the classroom. That’s why we often get standing ovations from teachers–because they are hungry for real life solutions they can use easily each and every day.

And it’s why we’ve now had the privilege of working with close to a million parents. Join us on this mission to Celebrate ADHD and celebrate our kids. Let us know how we may serve your family.

The Martins