We DO NOT deny, ignore, or dismiss the very real challenges kids with ADHD experience. Rather, we proactively give kids positive tools to succeed and overcome challenges.

Rather than falling into the trap of trying to fix every perceived weakness, we build confidence by cultivating our kids’ natural gifts, talents, and passions.

We Celebrate Children With ADHD Because…

1) Our kids are purposefully wired differently, not deficiently
. We need kids with ADHD.


2) Our kids have advantageous traitsthat other kids do not have, such as the ability to hyper-focus when interested, curious, or motivated.


3) Contrary to the prevailing fatalistic view of ADHDthat is shattering the self-confidence of our brightest and most creative—leaving a legacy of aimless, dispirited children often riddled with depression and substance abuse —Celebrate ADHD celebrates the unique gifts, talents and passions of individuals with ADHD.


4) ADHD should be welcomed, cultivated and celebrated—not dreaded, shamed, and eliminated—because it imparts individuals with distinct qualities essential for a thriving society.


5) The very society which has tried to change millions of childrenwith ADHD desperately needs the unique qualities that only individuals with ADHD possess. Our kids possess advantageous traits that enrich society.


6) The attributes most consider negative are actually positive when applied constructively.When our kids care about something, they have the ruthless persistence and single-minded focus to succeed. Because of their impulsivity (it’s NOT always a bad trait!) and need to touch the hot stove (experiential learners) leads them to test boundaries, the essential quality of an innovator and entrepreneur.


7) Our kids have large hearts that feel strongly, which leads them to help animals and the disadvantaged.


8) Our kids are innovators who are energized by ideas.What parents haven’t complained about their child consumed with ideas, ideas, ideas? While some are wired to manage enterprises and make sure the trains run on time, our kids develop the ideas that create better trains. Ideas spawn the newest technologies, products and services society seeks. Who do you think developed the iPhone and other advances consumers crave?


9) Our kids are dreamers who are passionate about pursuing a larger purpose and higher meaning.How many of you remember the first report card indicating that your child was daydreaming during class? And wasn’t our first instinct to “put an end to that”? Not so fast. The imagination can be a powerful source of energy, ideas and motivation. Many of our greatest athletes and entrepreneurs visualize their success using daydreams. Einstein developed the theory of relativity through his “thought experiments.”


10) Our kids are creative thinkers and problem solvers. There is no greater gift our kids can possess than being great problem solvers—this is the number one skill needed in the workplace and life. Ever notice that our kids excel at solving puzzles, playing chess and even arguing? This is because they see patterns and thrive when solving problems.


11) Our kids are creative feelers who sense others’ emotions, spot consumer trends, and develop innovative products. Have you ever noticed how many actors, writers, musicians, singers, painters and poets have ADHD? They are feelers who soak up emotions. It is this highly sensitive quality that enables them to connect with people through their creative gift. Think of the times you have heard a song that struck a chord inside—and you thought, how did that singer know that’s exactly how I am feeling? Or you’ve looked at a painting that has an ethereal quality that captures some hidden dimension you can feel, but can’t see. The very same quality that causes distraction in school is often our kids’ greatest gift as well.


12) Our kids are doers who are prone to action,work independently with boundless energy, prefer hands-on application and thrive on results, not processes. While we sometimes wish our kids were compliant listeners, we should celebrate the fact that our kids are doers and leaders. They are not content to passively observe life pass them by—they will experience it. Other kids read about theories in textbooks. Our kids test those theories. Learn to harness this quality in your child. Engage him in his passions and provide a constructive focus for his energy.


13) Our kids are risk-takers unafraid to challenge the norm. How many times have you asked your child in frustration: Why do you have to question everything I say? Why can’t you do things the way they are supposed to be done? Kids with ADHD are always pushing the limits, trying new things, challenging the established norms. These very qualities—combined with a certain steadfastness, perseverance and creativity—are responsible for breakthroughs in the arts, sciences and business world.


14) Our kids are persistent, defiant, resilient contrarianswho don’t give up when someone says, “You can’t do it.”  In fact, it is this very tenacity and defiance that makes entrepreneurs, innovators and revolutionaries successful. Think of all the circumstances in life in which you need someone who is tenacious, resolute and unwavering. Parents, be grateful for these qualities and view them from the broader perspective. Learn to channel them to help your kids overcome obstacles and bounce back from adversity.


15) These are our kids. And we need to fight FOR them, not against them.


Come join our mission to Celebrate ADHD.
And you can begin to ENJOY your challenging child again.


As you go through our Celebrate ADHD Program, email us with specific questions and we will be glad to help you.